Bathroom Floor Tile

epileptic flypaper?
Leo and I recently completed a bathroom remodel. Our upstairs bathroom didn’t have a tub/shower when we bought the house last summer, but it does now! We decided to put in a Penrose tile pattern floor. You can’t buy that commercially; the pattern, although it has a lot of symmetry, does not have a single unit that you can just repeat over and over again like you can with square tiles. I bought big pieces of tile and cut them down into the necessary shapes. We put the whole thing together, but our awesome tile guys installed it and made it look awesome. I like this picuture of it, as you can see a lot of the symmetry.

11 Responses to “Bathroom Floor Tile”

  1. Bill Says:

    I like it. Are you by any chance affiliated with the Cartoon Network?

  2. RAT Says:

    No, but I am a big fan of one or two of its Adult Swim cartoons!

  3. Bill Says:

    Me too–I like Family Guy and Futurama (FG is quite a “guilty pleasure” for me, but there isn’t a single episode so far where I haven’t laughed out loud). Too bad Futurama got snatched up by Comedy Central; it was a main staple of Adult Swim.

  4. RAT Says:

    We don’t have cable, so I only get my fix when we go to Vermillion. I have to be in the mood for Family Guy, but I also like Futurama, and didn’t know it went off to Comedy Central. Robot Chicken can be laugh-out-loud hilarious or plain bad. My real guilty pleasure is The Venture Brothers. Santa brought me seasons 1 and 2 on DVD for Christmas!

  5. Bill Says:

    Church Lady mode: Man, Venture Bros. can be a bit dirty at times; I never got into it. Are you sure it was Santa that got it for you? Or was it … SATAN-ATAN-ATAN-atan??

  6. Lex Says:

    You missed a spot over there…yeah in that corner…(j/k)

  7. David Says:

    Very cool. I stumbled across your stuff when searching for ceramic Penrose tiles… so did you cut them ALL with a tile saw or what? I’d like to tile my garage floor, but can’t imagine cutting tiles to do so. How did it go?

  8. RAT Says:

    Yep, I cut them all with a used tile saw I bought from a dealer. I cut around 5000 pieces. I estimated that it took about a total of 40 hours (including cleanup, etc.) to cut them all. Doing long, tedious jobs like that doesn’t bother me as much as I think it does most people. I turn it into sort of a Zen exercise–I let my brain go blank and make it somewhat relaxing. And, since I broke the job into many shorter sessions, in retrospect it really didn’t seem bad at all. I’m very proud of/happy with the final result and I learned a lot, so I consider the experience well worth it. You can see more about how we did it at

  9. Mom Says:

    This picture really shows off your floor. It’s great! (The pic AND your floor!)

  10. William Chow Says:

    Hi Leo and RAT POW,

    I like your photo very much. I have a webpage showing some examples of Penrose tiles used for floor. Can you please email to me a larger
    image of the photo ? I will credit you for the creative idea and the

    Thanks !


  11. William Chow Says:

    Please take a look at these Penrose tile designs: